Hi! I am Rev

A little about me and my games

I’m a father of two, a husband of one, and mild mannered Academic Librarian by day, keyboard warrior’ing Dungeon Master at night… well only one or two nights a week right now, but in these crazy times, we take what gaming we can get. Am I right?

It surely comes as little surprised that I am an avid player and runner of assorted TTRPGs, with a particular focus on fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons. I used to run numerous games throughout the week and at various locations, but recent health crisisy times have pushed (for good or ill) games and players into more tight-knit groupings. My main group is about to start a brand new campaign in a brand new world of my own design – Rend.

I spent about a year and half (yay, lockdowns) designing and developing Rend as a complex open world alternative to the crop of prewritten adventures and campaign settings that had come to be the bread and butter of the many groups I had run. So, although I know many have developed their own worlds before, this was a bit of an experiment for me, and I’m here to share that journey. I currently have a wiki under construction, and will give campaign diary updates and debriefs here, for any that desire to follow the story. And, of course, feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas in the article comments. The games are planned to kick-off in February 2022.

I also look forward to sharing my one-page campaign introductions, simplified loot tables system, homebrew rulesets, as well as thoughts and news from the world of table top gaming.

Rev – 21 December 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I afford to travel so often?

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3. Have you ever been in danger?

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